Rocking for a Cause: Battle of the Bands
The Bands
The Beneficiaries

Bike for the Philippines

Bikes for the Philippines, Inc. (BfP) is a Massachusetts-based 501c3 nonprofit organization

Completing a high school education gives an individual a better chance of rising out of poverty and a sense of pride and accomplishment in their own achievements. In an effort to ease the hardship of simply getting to school, Bikes for the Philippines, in partnership with Bikes for the World in Arlington, Virginia was born. Bicycle collections are held in the United States and we provide these recycled bicycles to Filipinos who could benefit from the healthy and reliable form of transportation. The initial focus had been on Education. Along with the bicycle comes a helmet as well as mandatory bike safety and maintenance classes. As a child grows, they are fitted with a more appropriately sized bicycle to match their growth. While initially on loan to the student, bike ownership is awarded upon graduation.

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Gawad Kalinga

“Gawad Kalinga,” translated in English means to “give care.”

Poverty in the Philippines and throughout the world is massive in scope and depth, and requires nothing less than a heroic response in people to truly make a difference. This is why Gawad Kalinga continues to rally all sectors of society to help achieve its vision to end poverty for 5 million families by year 2024.

Currently, Gawad Kalinga is present in almost every province in the country, spread in over 2,000 communities and affecting 60,000 families. There are 16 Area Coordination Teams that are on ground, going where help is needed the most. In our promise to leave no one behind, GK does not hesitate to enter some of the most troubled and war-torn areas. GK communities are known to be zones of peace, and we have successfully transformed slums into peaceful and productive communities.

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The Sponsors

Thank You Very Much For Your Support!!

The Sponsors


  • Each Band will be given 30 minutes on stage which includes set up and sound check.
  • Each Band, and each of its respective entrant band members, agree, warrant and represent that:
    • Original and/or cover songs performed will not be sexually explicit or suggestive, unnecessarily violent or derogatory of any ethnic, racial, gender, religious, professional or age group, profane or pornographic, contain nudity or any materially dangerous activity;
    • Songs performed cannot promote alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, firearms/weapons (or the use of any of the foregoing), any activities that may appear unsafe or dangerous, or any particular political agenda or message;
    • Songs performed cannot be obscene or offensive, endorse any form of hate or hate group;
    • Regent Theatre will provide a sound engineer and use of theater’s sound and lighting system;
    • All equipment, material, props, etc., brought in to the facility shall be removed immediately after the program;
    • Cameras, tape and video recorders are not permitted in Theater facility without prior approval of Sponsors and Participant group;
    • Participants cannot communicate messages or images inconsistent with the positive images and/or goodwill to which Sponsor wishes to associate.
    • Pyrotechnics, open flames or any additions are NOT permitted under any circumstance;
    • NO use of fog or haze machines;


  • Originality
    • Material: How unique did the songs sound? Even if it is a cover song, did they spin their own creativity into it?
    • Appearance: Did the band look original? Did the band stand out?
    • Improvisation: Did the band demonstrate any level of original improvisational skill? I.e. ‘jam out’ or vocal through an instrument change, repair or equipment failure?
  • Audience Interaction
    • Verbal Interaction: Did the band talk to or with the audience?
    • Physical Interaction: Did the band physically participate with the audience e.g. Eye contact, head nod, acknowledgments, etc.
    • Confidence: Was the band confident in their interaction with the audience?
    • Audience's Applause Meter
  • Professionalism
    • Confidence/Competence: Did the band look at ease whilst playing?
    • Stage Presence: Did the band appear positive about their performance? Did the band interact effectively on stage?
    • Evidence of performance planning
    • Set up and breakdown ease and ability to work through challenges
  • Visual Presentation
    • Attitude: Did the band’s on-stage attitude appear suitable to their genre i.e. were they ‘Punk’ if Punk, ‘Raucous’ if Rock?
    • Appearance: Did the band show personality on stage? Did the band appear to enjoy what they were doing?
    • Energy level contagious?


  • One (1) Grand Prize winner will receive $500
  • One (1) Second Prize winner will receive $250

Winner is solely responsible for all state, local or federal taxes associated with the winning of the prize.

General Conditions

Except to the extent prohibited by law, by entering the Contest, the Band and each individual Band member agrees that Sponsor and its parents, affiliates and licensees may use, publish, videotape, broadcast, distribute and display all elements of the performance including but not limited to any videos and photographs, as well as each Band Member’s name, address (city and state), statements, video, photograph and other likeness, in whole or in part, in any and all media either now or hereafter known, in perpetuity throughout the universe, in connection with advertising and promotion, without notification and without compensation of any kind to any Band member or any third party.

Participants agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless Sponsors and its parent companies, affiliates, employees, contractors and agents from any and all liability for injuries and damages sustained in connection with participation in this Contest.

Privacy Statement

Entrants' information may be disclosed by Sponsor as provided for in these Official Rules and Regulations.

The Venue Regent Theatre
Regent Theatre

Built in 1916, the historic Regent Theatre remains true to its roots as a vibrant vaudeville house. An intimate 500-seat performing arts center with superior acoustics and comfortable seating, "Arlington's Show Place of Entertainment" features live music concerts, theatre, dance events, family entertainment, comedy, film specials, and more.

Conveniently located just minutes from Cambridge and Boston, the Regent is MBTA and handicap accessible with free parking across the street (nights and weekends after 3pm on Saturday) and a variety of great restaurants and shops within easy walking distance.